Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blampied, Raymond Keith  7 May 1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8501
2 Cranston, Samuel Henry Alfred Ernest  1867Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11344
3 Glover, Emily  1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9560
4 Glover, Mary Elizabeth Ann  1861Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9563
5 Glover, Walter Edward  1857Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9561
6 Kiely / Keily, Frederick Percy  1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5785
7 Michel, Alicia Maria  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16202
8 Michel, Louis John/Lewis John  30 Jul 1849Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16195
9 Monteith, Donald Staley  24 May 1900Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I4778
10 Nipper, George Claude Hamilton  1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9296
11 Sleight, Augustus Leslie  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  I16993
12 Sleight, Harold Wilson  1881Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16997
13 Sleight, Jessie Ethel Ella  1876Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I17000
14 Sleight, Laura Emiline  1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16995
15 Sleight, Stuart Gordon  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16999
16 Sleight, Unnamed  1877Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16996
17 Smith, William Harvey  8 Nov 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nellie Adrienne  25 Feb 2014Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I12467
2 Adams, Arthur  9 May 1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5047
3 Andrews, Sergeant Edward Mariner WW1, 58th Bat, no: 3005  18 Apr 1921Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I38
4 Atkinson, Eliza Jane  28 Oct 1866Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I17004
5 Barton, Frank Samuel  1981Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9249
6 Bertelsen, Katie Hannah  1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8625
7 Blampied, Gerald Nicholas  16 Jul 2008Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8490
8 Blampied, Percy Henry  1974 or Nov 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9237
9 Blampied, Raymond Keith  23 Sep 2013Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8501
10 Blampied, Shirley Lorraine  26 Oct 1992Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13891
11 Brockhoff, Fredrick Douglas  17 Oct 1961Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I17001
12 Butler, Mary Eugene  8 Oct 2009Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8635
13 Dixon, Peter Harold Private  10 Aug 2004Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  I14095
14 Eastmure, Vera/Veronica Margaret  15 Mar 1967Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9241
15 Feeney, Gilbert John/John Gilbert  9 Jun 1991Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13892
16 Glover, Emily  1861Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9560
17 Glover, Walter Edward  1860Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9561
18 Goldsworthy, William Henry  1938?Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I15295
19 Gregson, Jessie Ella  18 Aug 1929Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16989
20 Groves, Charles  Jun 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8218
21 Haslem, Harriet Smith  06 Mar 1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5529
22 Johnson, Mary Ada  1971Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9233
23 Langdon, Alan Joseph  17 Sep 2001Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I17032
24 Lycoudis, née Hill, Ursula Edith  1995Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I17011
25 Mackie, Alexander  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  I7248
26 Menadue, Ida  23 Nov 1987Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9218
27 Michel, Alicia Maria  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16202
28 Munsch, Joseph Richard  Nov 1947Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5777
29 Nipper, Ian Hamilton  24 Jan 2014Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13139
30 Puttick, Avice Mabel  Feb 1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I11034
31 Sinnbeck, Maria Catherine  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5524
32 Stephens, Flossie  8 May 1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I16304
33 Thorsen, Victor Lionel  16 Jan 2002Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I8632


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Munsch, Joseph Richard  19 Feb 1917Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5777
2 Munsch, William Louis  28 Jan 1916Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5776
3 Sperber, William Rupert  22 Dec 1914Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5685
4 Toner, Wallace Patrick Bernard  11 Oct 1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I5663


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Linford / Burridge  1930Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6423
2 Simmonds / Linford  1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6424
3 Stephensen / Lockyer  07 Nov 1947Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2168
4 Troedel / Weston  24 Nov 1945Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F2859


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Brockhoff / Herd  Dec 1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F6086
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