Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Collins, Albert S  1885Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13681
2 Collins, Amy  1875Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13682
3 Collins, Anthony John  1885Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13638
4 Collins, Arthur William George  1877Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13633
5 Collins, Bernard Victor  1892Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13643
6 Collins, Cordelia Catherine  1875Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13631
7 Collins, Emily Ellen Thelma/Thelma Emily Ellen  1906Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13646
8 Collins, Felix Sydney John  9 Jun 1894Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13544
9 Collins, Frederick Burnett/Bernard  1879Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13634
10 Collins, Garnet Jackson  1882Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13676
11 Collins, Grace Gladys  1908Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13647
12 Collins, Mary Martha  2 Jan 1883Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13637
13 Collins, Pearly/Pearl Sarah  17 Jan 1888Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13639
14 Collins, Phoebe Marie  1902Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13644
15 Collins, Richard James  1904Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13645
16 Collins, Rosa May  10 May 1890Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13641
17 Collins, Siloma M  1877Grahamstown, New South wales, Australia I13680
18 Collins, William Berringer  1881Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13636
19 Franklin, Linda A M  1883Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13764
20 Franklin, Frederick Alfred Hubert  1880Grahamstown, New South wales, australia I13763
21 Franklin, Vera A  1888Grahamstown, New South wales, Australia I13766
22 Franklin, William Arthur George  1878Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13762
23 Gillman, Arthur Ernest  15 Jul 1882Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13730
24 Gillman, Catherine Emily  1876Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13729
25 Gillman, Edward Alfred  1894Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13740
26 Gillman, Ethel Mary  1885Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13732
27 Gillman, Francis John  1880Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13731
28 Gillman, Percy Adolphus  1890Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13734
29 Gillman, Sarah Ellen  1887Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13733
30 Gillman, Violet A  1892Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13735
31 Gillman, William Henry  1878Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13736
32 McKenzie, John Raymond  1913Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13761
33 Walbank, Elsie Redier  20 May 1882Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13755
34 Walbank, Sydney A  1885Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13752


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Collins, Anthony John  15 Jan 1887Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13638
2 Collins, William  5 Dec 1879Grahamstown, New South wales, Australia I13552
3 Dunleavy, Mary  6 Mar 1899Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13547
4 Gillman, John Henry  9 Nov 1909Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia I13586


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gillman / Collins  18 Oct 1873Grahamstown, New South Wales, Australia F4740
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